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Mandas is a traditional Mangalorean breakfast. It is sweet in taste. You can also call it cucumber & rice cake. Though it is not soft like cake it has a dense texture. It is made by grinding rice, cucumber, coconut and adding jaggery to the batter then steaming it. You can even bake it if you want.

Traditionally it is steamed on banana leaf but as I didn't find one today, I steamed it in a plate directly.

How To Make Mandas?



Rice - 500 Gms
Cucumber -250 Gms
Coconut - 1
Jaggery - 1 + 1/2  Cup
Salt - A Pinch


Soak rice for 3 to 4 hours. Now grate coconut & cucumber separately. Keep it aside.

Drain the water from rice. In a mixer vessel put rice, grated coconut, cucumber and water as required. Grind it well. The consistency of batter should be like dosa batter. Transfer it into a bowl.

Add water in the idli cooker and pre-heat the water.

Now add salt and  jaggery to the batter and mix well till it melts completely.

Take a baking pan or a plate and grease it with some oil or ghee. Pour the batter in the baking pan or a plate.

Steam it in the idli cooker for 30 mins.

Once done let it cool down in the idli cooker but don't forget to remove the lid.

Now cut Mandas into a desired shape and serve.

Serve with some ghee.


  • If you can get a banana leaf then place the banana leaf on the plate or baking pan and grease it with ghee. Then pour the batter of the banana leaf and steam for 30 min.

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  1. looks so delicious!
    Never tried rice with cucumber!!

    1. Thank you Puneet Jabbal. Do give it a try and I am sure you will love it.

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