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Eggless Doughnut

Doughnut is one of my and my niece favorite snacks. Whenever there is a doughnut in front of me I just forget everything else and I can never stop at one. First time I had doughnut with my sister and niece at a doughnut shop 'Mad Over Donut'. It was so tasty that I started searching for the recipe on net. I found lot of recipes and decided to make eggless version.

Now I often make this dish at home. You can have it as a snack or as a dessert, its all up to you. Do give it a try and I bet even you can't stop at one.

How To Make Eggless Doughnut?

Eggless Doughnut


All Purpose Flour - 2 Cup
Unsalted Butter - 4 Tbsp
Milk - 3/4 Cup
Sugar - 3 Tbsp
Dry Active Yeast - 1 Tbsp
Salt - 1/4 Tsp (If using salted butter then skip salt)
Oil - For Deep Frying
Dark Chocolate - 100 Gram
Milk Chocolate - 100 Gram


In a bowl mix all purpose flour, butter, sugar, yeast and salt. Now add milk little at a time and knead it. Make a soft dough. Now cover the dough with a cling wrap or with a clean cloth and set it aside to rise.

Now knead it again and dust the rolling board with some flour and roll the dough. Keep it 1/2 inch thick.

Now cut it with a doughnut cutter. If you don't have a cutter you can use glass and a small lid of any bottle.

Place the doughnut on a baking tray or any plate and brush it with little oil. Keep it in a warm place to rise.

Now heat a pan and add oil for deep frying. Once the oil is hot drop the doughnuts in the pan. Deep fry it on both the side till it turns  golden brown in color.

Transfer it to a tissue paper.

Now melt the dark chocolate and milk chocolate in a separate bowl in microwave or you can heat a sauce pan, add 1 cup of water and bring it to simmer. Now place the chocolate bowl on sauce pan and melt the chocolate.

Let the chocolate cool down a bit. Dip the doughnut in melted chocolate only on one side till well coated.
Eggless Doughnut

Your Eggless Doughnut is ready to serve.

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