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 Green Gram Juice

Green Gram Juice or Moong Bean Juice is a healthy and perfect summer cooler drink. This is a Mangalorean beverage. In Tulu it is called as Padengi Juice. We often make this drink at our home.

It is very tasty drink. It is made by grinding roasted green gram or moong bean, coconut and jaggery.

How To Make Green Gram Juice  Or Moong Bean Juice?

Green Gram Juice


Green Gram Or Moong Bean - 250 Gms
Fresh Grated Coconut - 3/4 Cup
Jaggery - As Required
Salt - A Pinch
Water - As Required


Roast green gram or moong bean in a pan. Let it cool down completely.

Now put it in mixer and grind it to a powder.

Add grated coconut and water (add water depending on how thin you want it to be) to the mixer and blend it again.

Transfer it to the bowl and add jaggery to it. Mix well till the jaggery is melted completely.

Refrigerate it for an hour.

Your Green Gram Juice is ready to serve.
Green Gram Juice

Serve it chilled.

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  1. This is something new and looks very healthy, tasty dear!

    1. Yes its very healthy and tasty too. Thank you dear

  2. Oh the pleasures of getting an insight into traditional regional fare is simply amazing. Thanks dear for sharing this nutritious and yummy drink with us. Lovely.

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