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Chum Chum
Chum Chum is a popular Bengali sweet dish. It is prepared with cottage cheese. It is made in various colors. It can be served plain or by garnishing with dessicated coconut, fresh sweetened cream or condensed milk.

I love this dish a lot, in fact I love almost all the Bengali sweet dishes like Rasgulla, Rasmalai, Malai Sandwich, Sandesh, etc.

How To Make Chum Chum?

Chum Chum


Milk - 1 Ltr
Lemon Juice - 1 Tbsp
Sugar - 1 Cup
Water - 3 Cup


Boil Milk
Heat a pan, add milk and bring it to boil. Switch of the stove and add lemon juice to the milk. Mix it well. Let it curdle.
Strain Curdled Milk
Pour Cold Water

Now strain the curdled milk in a muslin cloth. Now pour in some cold water and rinse it well. Cover the cloth and squeeze it well to remove any excess water. Paneer or cottage cheese is ready.
Transfer It To A Plate
Knead Cottage Cheese
Kneaded Cottage Cheese

Now transfer it in a plate and knead it well for 5 min to make a soft dough.
Oval Shaped Ball

Now make a oval shaped ball or any shape that you want from the dough.

Heat a wide sauce pan, add water and sugar to it. Bring it to boil.
Drop Cottage Cheese Ball In Sugar Syrup

Now drop cottage cheese balls to the boiling sugar syrup. Cover it with a lid and cook it for 20 min.
Cooked Chum Chum

After 20 min you will notice that the cottage cheese ball has doubled in size. Now switch off the stove and let it cool down.
Transfer Chum Chum To A Plate

Transfer the chum chum to a plate.

Your Chum Chum is ready to serve.
Chum Chum

Garnish it with dessicated coconut, condensed milk, fresh sweetened cream / malai or nuts.

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